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10 Powerful Strategies When You Want to Give Up

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Life can be very challenging, and there are times when most people feel like the pressure is just a bit too much. From problems at work, in close relationships, and personal lives, many people struggle with overcoming the moments when they feel like the whole weight of the world is bearing down upon them. Often it is in exasperation of feeling hopeless that people are most inclined to say, “ I give up,” feeling like it’s the only way, and they stop looking to try to go the extra distance to find a successful resolution.

Gaining a Bigger Perspective

There are many things you can do that can help you through tough times if you are feeling like quitting. One of the first things is taking the time to acknowledge that almost every person goes through exasperating difficulties at some point or several points in their lives. When looking for some helpful solutions to help reduce the cravings to succumb to the feeling of giving up, here are ten wonderful tips that can get help and give motivation to you.

1- Look Beyond The Moment

When you are going through a difficult and extremely challenging time, getting caught up in the moment is easy. It may seem as if things will always be tough, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to remember that life is a continuous process of ebbing and flowing. Likely whatever is being experienced will have some reprieve sooner than expected. While it may be challenging to see, time has a way of changing everything.

2- Take Some Downtime

Stress can play a significant factor for you in feeling overwhelmed, which can lead you to feelings of defeat, quitting, and hopelessness. That is why it can be essential to take time to relax and get away from the intensity of the situation for a little while. Even if only for a short time, high-stress periods in life are a good time to do something that can refresh your spirit. This can include spending some quality time in nature. Pure nature settings are often the best neutral zone to take some renewal time because they are most often untouched by human chaos.

3- Keep in Mind to Be Good To Yourself

During the middle of high stress and anxiety, it can be easy to forget that you need to take good care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While it may seem as if the imminent needs are so pressing, there is no time to pause; it is often essential to take a break. Taking some time to reflect and recharge in order to make healthy decisions can be critical in making healthy choices. Try to be patient with yourself and understand life is a journey, not a destination.

4- Spend Time in Healthy Supportive Environments

When life is overwhelming, it can be essential to be surrounded by a healthy support system. If you feel you do not have a good healthy support system during a crisis, it would be recommended to begin building an effective support system of honorable, caring people. There are many wonderful support groups out there that can help you feel less isolated in your times of strife. Also look into any personal relationship you already have and see who can help you, even if it’s just listening to you without any questioning. A lot of times having a person who can listen to you can make a big difference in a positive way.

5- Get Enough Rest and Eat a Well Balanced Diet

This may seem like a fundamental principle, but it really can be essential. If you are suffering from fatigue or you are having health issues from poor nutrition, it is more likely to make poor decisions and feel more readily overwhelmed. Additionally, an unhealthy diet and lack of proper sleep can lead to brain fog, which can exacerbate problems and make healthy resolutions more challenging to attain. It’s normal to have cravings for an unhealthy snack, and it’s easy to fall into the temptation because it gives you that instant gratification and joy, but it’s temporal and lasts very little, so it’s worth getting into the habit of eating healthy and sleeping well. It takes consistency and discipline but it is a great long term investment for your physical and mental health.

6- Gain Knowledge From Others Who Have Overcome Adversity

Often decisions and choices you make in high stress end up being more reactionary and not well thought out. Often through the knowledge of others who have succeeded in similar situations or from the wisdom of people who are great problem solvers, answers can be found. Through knowledge and experience, that which seems impossible can be overcome through diligence and greater insight. Mankind has been around for thousands of years, and history has a wealth of knowledge for problem-solving.

To gain extra motivation and inspiration, you can look for stories of people who have been able to get through pain and challenging times, finding happiness and greater joy in life. A powerful story is always uplifting and will make you feel better.

7- Study and Create The Best Options To Resolve Issues

Remember, knowledge is power, and embracing growth and learning is often the key to a proper resolution. It is often said that adversity is the “seed of invention”. If you look at all the inventions made by humans, most of them were created to solve a problem. Inventions are a great metaphor to understand that resolutions to problems often have to be created, not just discovered.

8- Think Outside of the Box

When you are in situations that you feel you cannot rise above, the hopelessness can have roots in feeling there are no good answers to resolve the problems being faced. Because you are often a product of your upbringing and the scope of their knowledge, it may be vitally important to think about ways to look beyond what is traditionally thought of as potential solutions and remedies.

9- Create a Stronger Spiritual Path

As the great words of wisdom state, “man is not an island”. While there are many different paths of faith, investing in a spiritual path that looks outside the self to a higher power could give you a greater connectedness and purpose. The path of spirituality could help you feel that there is a purpose to adversity, and goodness can be found. And this doesn’t mean that the only way is to follow a religion or even believe in God. A spiritual path means much more than that so it’s important you can look for what will make more sense to you.

10- Build Hope and Self Appreciation

Looking for the benefits of challenging and difficult times is not always easy. But sometimes it is the little things you do that can help you feel a sense of renewed hope. When you feel like giving up or surrender, it can be challenging to remember how many good things you have accomplished and the good that is inside yourself. Self-appreciation for your own talents without self-aggrandizing can be a potent tool to build confidence that the problems being faced can be overcome.

The good news is that troubles do pass, and problems do get resolved in billions of different situations every day. Becoming an active, intelligent participant in your own life journey to create solutions that are healthy can lead to better coping skills for the future. It can also help build self-confidence and a feeling of accomplishment, which is a great way to battle the feelings of wanting to say “ I give up” on situations, relationships, and even on life. And remember that is completely normal wanting to give up or to surrender. Everyone has felt this way at least once in their life, and it is easier to quit, but it is worth to keep on going because there are always opportunities ahead, and when you are able to go through the tough times, then you have a good chance to start having true joy and enjoy your life as you want.


What to do If I’m having suicidal thoughts?

Having thoughts of suicide going through your mind it’s normal. The main thing is if you are having these kinds of thoughts constantly. This could be a symptom of depression or an anxiety disorder, so in this case, the best thing would be to check with a mental health professional that can help you.

Can you give me an example of an activity that could help me?

Finding a hobby is something that can be very powerful and could be very helpful for you, but is important you take into consideration that a hobby to be useful it has to be a habit and it requires discipline and patience to learn, because it has to be something you enjoy doing and that you can put time and focus because in general, this is how it is going to be something meaningful and important to you.

Here you have a list of things you can do:

  • Playing an instrument
  • Online video games
  • Chess
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Trekking
  • Sports

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